Former teen model  my career as a Runway Coach started in 1998. After couple of years of doing runway shows for brands such as Gap, Banana Republic, Kalajari, Quicksilver, OP and a few others, my fluidity as a runway walker grew faster and I was able to help other male and female models with their walks and guide them to understand how to have control over their body, making them aware of how to properly use their legs as they walk on the runway.


Quickly asked by the Model Agency Management to take over the runway coaching for their new teens and former models, guide them to find their personal style and to refine what some of them have already discover as their Personal Signature Walk (PSW), which helped them become a better runway model and look as natural and professional as possible.


The intent is to use old and new techniques to guide the model to find their center and walk flawlessly with confidence, by increasing their understanding on how body moves and use proper technique as to show fluidity of their walk.


I have been an Instructor of movement, runway and dance for over 15 years, which it helps me understand the human body in so many ways.

Runway Coaching Packages



  • 1 Coaching at $90 per hour


  • 5 Runway Coaching at $85 per hour = $425


  • 10 Runway Coaching at $80 per hour = $800


                                     Every class needs a Private Room, rental is $25



Cancelation policy is Minimum of 6 hour prior our scheduled time.


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