Professional Ballroom Dancing 

Rhythmn, Smooth & Latin 


Same Sex Ballroom Dancing, Rhythm, Smooth & Latin



Pilates Mat and Apparatus  Personal Trainer


Runway Coach 


Hello! Welcome to my Website!


I'm Ernesto Palma  


I'm so delighted you visited! Here's a little of what I do:



  1. Professional Dancer-Instructor
  2. Ballroom Dancing
  3. Choreographer
  4. Wedding Dances
  5. Professional Ballroom Dance Competitor​ (mainstream & same sex partners)
  6. Pro-Am & Amateur Instructor/Coach
  7. Theater Show Choreographer
  8. Runway Coach
  9. Pilates Mat and Apparatus Instructor
  10. Personal Trainer



if you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me at:


914.439.4510 (Cell)



Available in NYC, CA


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